Here is a new interactive game one of GCB’s volunteers has deigned to help others know more about GCB in a fun way! Li Chenyang, is a former 2010 intern of GCB, who recently graduated from Lanzhou University of technology and now works for a foreign company. He was involved in GCB’s water project, started investigation at Weiwei city, and helped with GCB’s “Water Walking” project. In addition he has also helped in GCB’s volunteer administration, and training program for GCB’s volunteers and college students environmental groups.
To view this game please click here.
*Note those accessing inside of China must be using VPN
Instructions: Click “view” in tab menu, select “start presentation”. Slide 3 of 30 is a menu please select the topic you are interested in and you will enter that part of the game (there are instructions once you select the section you want to view).
Have fun! Thanks Li Chenyang!