Authored by Doug Hoschek

Polar Pollution is a comprehensive story written by the author Doug Hoschek from his forty plus years of marketing and developing outdoor textile fabrics. Called out on the title cover “Outdoor memoirs of Polarfleece.”
The books most important topics are a comparison of developing and manufacturing outdoor textile materials in the United State by American workers and owners vs the off shoring of todays brands that do no manufacturing in the United States of the same outdoor textile materials and finished products.
Catastrophic water pollution in Asia, especially China has created death, destruction and a global call from places like the United Nations for change.
Teaming with an ngo in China, Green Camel Bell, the author marries his expertise including being the creator of Polarfleece to the activist progress of brave citizens in China. A colorful memoir of how the textiles and brands were created finds passion of the outdoors married to a small business until the off shoring allowed investor greed to pollute water and air that today daily reaches the shores of the west coast of the United States. Building the authors case of why are these iconic outdoor brands voicing sustainable leadership when in fact they are the cause of the water and air pollution in the United States and China and other parts of Asia. The book itself with many sub headings to help the reader through each chapter surely offers an insight that anyone carrying a backpack wants to read while enjoying outdoor recreation.

Publication Date:October 31 2011
ISBN/EAN13: 1461154308 / 9781461154303
Page Count: 244
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 7″ x 10″
Language: English
Color: Black and White with Bleed
Related Categories: Business & Economics / General

About the author:
Doug Hoschek age 67 a forty five year veteran of outdoor recreation textiles.
Credited as the creator of polarfleece and polarfleece technology.
Created the first recycled 100% polyester fabric for outdoor textiles from recycled soda bottles in 1993-94.
Numerous outdoor activist accomplishments including the present ngo GreenCamel Bell in China.
Educated on the beaches of Long Island and the mountains of Montana.
Business marketer of outdoor textiles created from Seattle and Portland Oregon manufacturing in polyester and wool fibers.