Who We Are

Gansu “Green Camel Bell” Environment Protection and Development Center is the first non-governmental environmental protection organization in Gansu, established in November, 2004.

Our Mission

We create and utilize a network of organizational leaders, passionate volunteers, and local citizens to educate, protect and restore the ecological environment of Western China. Our values of equality, pragmatism, civic participation and creativity are key tenants in pursuing our vision green mountains, Clear Water, Blue Sky, Man and Nature in Harmony. GCB plays an active role in indetifying environment crisis, conduct envrionmental sampling and surveying, carry out environment education programs, and organizing communities to take action.

Our Goals

1. Conduct public environment education, sponsor volunteers organization, promote public participation in environment protection.

2. Focus on ecological and environmental problems in typical regions. Improve regional eco-environment by demonstration and setting good examples.

3. Encourage social supervision in the solution of water pollution and in protecting the water resource safety.

4. Strength the organization construction and improve team innovation capability to achieve sustainable development of the organization.

5. Establish cooperation and communication mechanisms to strengthen the experiences exchanges among different civil organizations.

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