Annual Reports 

Click here for the 2015 annual report (Chinese)
Click here for the 2012 annual report
Click here for the 2011 annual report
Click here for the 2010 annual report
Click here for the 2009 annual report
Click here for the 2008 annual report

Other reports and publications

2016, The First-Bend Herdsmen Experience (Video)

Click here for link to Youtube.

2015, Investigation Report on the Incident of Excessive Levels of Benzene in Tap Water in Certain Areas of Lanzhou on April 11th

Click here

2011, GCB Wuwei Ronghua Enterprise Investigation EIA report

Click here

Chaijiaxia hydropower station report and calendar summary of GCB action – click here

Video on water pollution in Gansu
Click here for link to Youtube.

“Sharpen your eyes”
An interactive game one of GCB’s volunteers, Li Chenyang, has deigned to help others know more about GCB in a fun way! To view this game please click here.
*Note those accessing inside of China must be using VPN
Instructions: Click “view” in tab menu, select “start presentation”. Slide 3 of 30 is a menu please select the topic you are interested in and you will enter that part of the game (there are instructions once you select the section you want to view).
Have fun! Thanks Li Chenyang!


Green Camel Bell’s Publications:
>Local textbook of Maqu grasslands (Tibetan and Chinese)  Click here
>Local textbook of Minqin desertification
>Environmental education reference reading for Huining Guochengyi Primary School
>Legal Aid Handbook for Water Pollution Victims
>Map of Lanzhou Zoo
>Green AutoText
>Green Camel Bell Newsletter
>Collected Works of Gansu¡¦s Green Campus;
>Draw the first green map in Lanzhou;

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