Zhao Zhong, Founder & Chairman of the Board
Zhao works in environmental investigation and management, community development, promoting public participation and other projects.




Xu Dingyan, Bestseller Project reporting officer, administrator
Xu has been a project officer since 2007. For the past three years she has been in charge of the “Go Green” transport campaign. The campaign’s aim is to encourage the public to develop efficient travel habits and choose transport modes that are advantageous to the health to the environment. In 2011, Xu took charge as project consultant for Bestseller Fund Sustainable Rural Livelihood Project in Ruoli Village, Jingyuan Country, Gansu Province, China.


Gesang Jinba, Gansu Maqu Grasslands Protection Project Assistant
Jinba is a local Maqu resident and also the project officer for Grassland Protection in Maqu, Gansu. He graduated from Northwest University for Nationalities, Majoring in Tibetan Language and Literature. Previously he has been engaged in volunteer-teacher of orphans school in Gansu Tibetan Areas and has worked on editing a Tibetan Electronic Dictionary.


Professor Zhu Yiliang, Loess Plateau Environment and Health Program Consultant
Dr. Zhu has focused his work in promoting rural development through the lens of health, environment, and education. He and his team launched the Loess Plateau Health Project, an 18-year cohort in Gansu Province in 2013 to study rural health policy and system and social and environmental determinants.



Dr. Mao KuoRay, Loess Plateau Environment and Health Program Consultant
Dr. Mao is  is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University. He has been appointed as the consultant of GCB since 2014.