–interview with young pioneer in environmental protection who named zhaozhong

By Ning Zuomei, China Green Student Forum

About Zhao:

Zhaozhong, Male, 27 years old, graduated from Hefei University of Technology. After graduating ,he went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Modern Physics, served as an Assistant Engineer. In 2004,he founded the first environmental NGO of Gansu Province “Green Camel Bell” to protect the environment and the Yellow River in Lanzhou. With the constant development and expansion the “Green Camel Bell”, Zhao resigned from the stability work of the Institute to devote himself to environmental protection,and is the currently Director of Green Camel Bell in Gansu Province Center for Environment and Development.And  Was the Winner of  fourth “China Youth Toyota Environmental Protection Award”,”Time” magazine 2009 global environmental hero.When received this interview, my understanding of zhao was almost zero. After the search of  lots of information , I had a preliminary understanding of him, also some of Green Camel Bell situation. Only those access to the information, I had admiration to him. I believe that any one who know him, will have such feelings.

As Zhao was in Gansu, can not be out of discussion, we can only talk by phone.

Interpersonal influence is very subtle, Zhao said that he came into contact with environmental protection in the university . At that time he took part in the activities of the Green Man Jianghuai and exchanges,after what he had gradually started to pay attention to environmental protection. After graduating, he took  the work of the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou. For a newly graduated college students, that was a very good job. However, Zhao did not forget to do environmental work . He and some students and other environmental groups linked together to do environmental work and founded  “Green Camel Bell”¡ª¡ªthe first environmental ngo of Gansu Province in 2004. Asked about the implication  of “Green Camel Bell” ,Zhao said, “” Green “, naturally it is the protection of the environment,” Camel “, that is, characteristics of a representative of the West.”

What difficulties did  a  new ngo faced during its development in the Northwest? “In fact, from the beginning up to now we are always in difficulties. Some organization and people no longer exist now, not because they do not want to do.It should due to a number of objective reasons. I used to work more stable, so I had been involved in, then slowly walked now. ” When asked how he hold on with so many difficulties , Zhao used the word only ¨Cfaith. Indeed, the only consistent must be  belief that in order to support a people insist on!

As a grass-roots civil society ngo’s founder and leader, Zhao believes that the maintenance and development of grass-roots organizations must rely on personnel, funding, activities. People must have confidence to do things. And    commissioner,the volunteers, is certainly an essential part of. The purpose of “Green Camel Bell” is dedicated to the cause of the Western Environmental, asked is the “Green Camel Bell” considered out of Gansu,and develop in a larger space , Zhao pointed out that the problem is now a lot of Gansu province, such as drought, water pollution, forests, grasslands and other range of issues.

Zhao had appeared in the “Era” 2009 Top Ten Environmental Heroes, the fourth “China Youth Toyota Environmental Protection Award”, Asked how he viewed these honors, Zhao humily answered¡± In fact, these have been passed, and only about the work of the past. And these things were not only finished by myself but also  many people who work with me. A low-key man, a high-profile work, Of course sometimes can not do a real low-key. On the other hand , this may be able to play a role in encouraging young people , gives us more passion. But we must remember that the more we done is behind the scenes trivia.

” The starting level of this  work is not very high.You do not have to graduate from the Environmental Professional. More are  general professional but have belief and perseverance.I  hope that more people can do these things together. An organization¡¯s emergence , from small to large.Its  Offices, funds, personnel, project to go through a process from scratch. Then the process continued to grow and become more professional. This is a development under the clear guidance.¡±

“The great harbor, from the humble start, from the little things”, This is what Zhao given to young environmentalists. How things will develop in “Green Camel Bell” , how would Zhao performance in the future, how will continue with our youth, our environment and our world, Let us work together, silently blessing!