Green Camel Bell

Gansu “Green Camel Bell” Environment Protection and Development Center


Protecting Environment in West China


Green mountains, Clear Water, Blue Sky, Man and Nature in Harmony


Equal, Pragmatic, Participatory, Creative

Working Area

Gansu Province


Environmental Education and Communication

Community Development

Water Resources Protection

Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Grassland Conservation Volunteer Development

Strategic Plan (2010-2014)

1. Conduct public environment education, sponsor volunteers¡¦ organization, promote public participation in environment protection.

2. Focus on ecological and environmental problems in typical regions. Improve regional eco-environment by demonstration and setting good examples.

3. Encourage social supervision in the solution of water pollution and in protecting the water resource safety.

4. Strength the organization construction and improve team innovation capability to achieve sustainable development of the organization.

5. Establish cooperation and communication mechanisms to strengthen the experiences exchanges among different civil organizations.

Our History

Green Camel Bell (GCB), the first Non-governmental environmental protection organization in Gansu, was formally established on 4th, November, 2004. It aims to protect and to restore the continuing deteriorated ecological environment in West China. Since establishment, GCB played active role in setting environment crisis, carrying out public environment education, promoting environment organizations in high schools, training environment volunteers and so on.

What we are doing now

Carry out the following projects

?    Protect water resources in Gansu;

?    Nature University;

?    Green Travel;

?    Eco-building demonstration project in Gansu quake-stricken areas;

?    Eco-agriculture demonstration project(sunflower cultivation)

What we have done


?    Fruit cards;

?    Green Olympic Green China;

?    Protect Mother River;

?    Gansu¡¦s Green Campus;

?    University students¡¦ Forum [Return farmland to forest (grassland)];

?    Advocate “reservation Lanzhou trolleybus”

Research and Training

?    First two Saiga antelope horn market researches;

?    Environmental education in Minqin;

?    Antelope Tour Training;

?    Construct Lanzhou environment education base;

?    Public education in Lanzhou Zoo;


?    Local textbook of Minqin desertification;

?    Environmental education reference reading for Huining Guochengyi Primary School;

?    Legal Aid Handbook for Water Pollution Victims;

?    Map of Lanzhou Zoo;

?    Green AutoText;

?    Green Camel Bell Newsletter;

?    Collected Works of Gansu¡¦s Green Campus;

?    Draw the first green map in Lanzhou;

Details of our efforts

1. Nature conservation and community development projects

(1) Gansu Water Environment Project was launched in July, 2006 under the funding of Pacific Environment, and now is in the implement of Phase III. This Project aims to

1) raise public awareness of the water pollution in Yellow River, and the conservation and utilization of water resources; and

2) to encourage the social supervision in the solution of water pollution and in protecting the water resource safety; and

3) to promote the disclosure of environmental information in water area.

(2) Eco-agriculture demonstration project was launched in 2008 under the funding of ¡§The second session of the China Development Marketplace Project¡¨, World Bank.

This project is scheduled to carry out in Huining, the representative of Gansu Loess Plateau arid regions and will focus on drought, salinity, pesticides and fertilizers pollution and poverty problems. In order to achieve environmental protection and livelihood improvement, it demonstrates and promotes drought-resistant and saline-alkali organic crops, and encourages the construction of farmer organizations which facilitates farmers to become market participants.

(3) Post-earthquake reconstruction was carried out in Zhongmiao, Wen Country, Gansu, which is most serious area of Gansu hit in “5.12” large earthquake. By promoting grass brick house, eco-toilets and other eco-building, GCB helps local victims alleviate the pressure of post-disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation while protecting local ecological environment. We are scheduling the projects of livelihood restoration, organic agriculture, eco-tourism, and disaster prevention and mitigation in the future in order to reconstruct a sustainable develop community.

(4) Saiga antelope horn market researches (Finished) were carried out to analysis the threats and adverse effects of Saiga antelope horn trade to the survival and number of Saiga antelope. We tried to explore the root of illegal trading and put forward a solution. We raised public awareness in the process and attracted more and more people to participate in the protection of Saiga antelope.

(5) Gansu¡¦s Green Campus (finished) was hold to promote environmental protection, not only in Gansu but all over China, to move forward. This campus attracted young students all over the country came to Gansu to see Gansu environmental problems, and promoted opinion exchanges among environmental volunteers.

2. Environment Education

(1) Nature University: Nature University is a virtual community environmental university, aimed at training qualified personnel by self-help. It encourages community residents participating in field surveys, which offers residents opportunities to face directly with environment problems. People could learn more about the surround nature and concern about the change, better or worse. We also hope the participants could cherish, appreciate and love natural life, and furthermore, to participate in the solution activities of environmental pollution.

We arrange following activities, including but not limited to: hiking, bird-watching, walking along the Yellow River, planting trees, cleaning the community, visiting the sewage treatment plant and investigating the landfill plants.

(2) Purpose of Green Travel:

Stimulate citizens and enterprises to participate in environment protection and improvement.

1) to raise public awareness of good ambient air quality and public conscious of the air quality improvement;

2) to urge the enterprises take responsibilities they should bear in environment protection and improvement;

3) to promote the legislation improvement of environmental policies and regulations.

4) to promote the ecology technology improvement of vehicles and fuels;

5) to encourage green travel.

In 2009, GCB, China Association for NGO Cooperation, and Environmental Defense continue to implement free bicycle rental and to promote “green travel” in Lanzhou, and also, to carry out the searching of “Green Travel Daren” and so on.

(3) Environment educations in Lanzhou Zoo aim at improving public¡¦s knowledge of wild animals and awake their awareness of wild animals¡¦ protection. Volunteers introduce to the visitors the wild animals and the way to protect them. We hope more and more people will join us in wild animal protection. It’s now the fixed event of GCB in Labors Day and National Day.

(4) Investigation and training of environment education (finished). GCB conducted a requirement-assessment regarding volunteers¡¦ difficulties in environment education. Based on the assessment, GCB invited relevant professionals to hold lectures and trainings in educational psychology, environmental education methods and so on.

(5) Compile Local textbook for desertification areas (finished). This textbook introduced the universal knowledge of desertification (desertification, land types, the impact of desertification on our lives, combating desertification, case studies) and was prepared for the Grade 7-9 students at compulsory education stage in Minqin. The book had three parts, including issues and concepts, text, and after-school activities, and contained about 36000 words. Photos covered 30% ~ 40% of the book.

(6) Green Map (finished) was to draw green map along Yellow River in Lanzhou. What we do was to clearly mark the natural, cultural, ecological, environmental attractions around. The electronic version of the map can be downloaded from the GCB website.

3. Daily Work

(1) Volunteer training: To enhance the capacity of volunteers and various environmental groups through various trainings.

(2) Students Environment Forums is a platform for environment groups in Gansu to communicate and share experience. We regularly hold forums to discuss the environment and community capacity-building problems.

(3) Environment Movie data center provide learning materials for volunteers and environment groups across the province.

(4) GCB¡¦s newsletter is our regular publication (electronic version and print version). It provides a way for environment groups in Lanzhou to learn more about our environment, and also gives other environment groups a view of Gansu¡¦s environment problems and environment groups here.

Latest update: 4th, October, 2009