January 1, 2011

Gansu “Green Camel Bell” Environment and Development Center (GCB) is a non-government Organization with the status of an independent legal entity. GCB focuses on the environmental protection cause and its main work includes environmental education, community development, water resources conservation etc. For the development of GCB, we are recruiting volunteers to join us with the following requirements:

1. Recruit Volunteers as Office Executives
a. Recruit Volunteers as Office Assistants
Work Time: From Monday to Friday
Workplace: Green Camel Bell Office, Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Assist the GCB staff with the maintaining and managing of address list, volunteer serving records, books, files etc.
*Update and supervise the lending records of GCB books/video materials
Requirements: Good at file/database sorting; carefulness; sense of responsibility

b. Recruit Volunteers as Gansu environmental news issuers
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Free
Job Description: *Assist the GCB staff with the collection of Gansu environmental news and promulgation onto the websites of GCB and Green Journalist Salon
Requirements: Time-abundant; excellent communication and presentation skills

c. Recruit Volunteers as Translators
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Free
Job Description: *Responsible for accurate and prompt translation of files, project reports, website information, or any related domestic and aboard environment protection materials required by GCB
Requirements: Skilled in foreign language (English & Japanese); experience in translation; time-abundant

d. Recruit Volunteers as Editors
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Free
Job Description: *Responsible for editing/proofreading/typesetting the publications of GCB
Requirements: Excellent skills for written Chinese; experience in text editing; familiar with office software

e. Recruit Volunteers as website technicians
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Free
Job Description: *Responsible for constructing and maintaining GCB website in Chinese& English;
*Responsible for website picture releasing/ browsing systems programming(PHP+MySQL 4.1).
Requirements: Basis in computer; familiar with webpage making and programming; experience in art designing

2. Volunteer Ability Construction
GCB is planning a long term ability constructing project in ways of lecturing, training, practicing and exercising to develop college students with the knowledge of the present and future of nongovernmental organizations, capacity and experience in program implementation, identification with the ideology of NGO and dedication to public welfare. The project will be first experimented in Northwest Normal University.

Recruit 3 College Student Volunteers as Ability Development Training Coordinators
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Assist project executive officers with periodic training;
*Contact with the trainees regularly for feedback;
*Summary feedback into reports;
*Responsible for coordinating previous publicity, registration etc. of each training
Requirements: Students from Northwest Normal University ONLY; experience in organizing relevant association activities; time-abundant

3. Recruit Volunteers for Interest Groups
It is suggested that interest groups, such as mountaineering, bird watching, cycling, chorus and dancing, would be organized following the interests of volunteers themselves. Group activities would be called and organized by volunteers. All the groups would be provided with information exchange platform and necessary administrative support from GCB.

Recruit Volunteers as Interest Group Coordinate Leaders
Work Time: Weekends/holidays
Workplace: Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Responsible for determining activities of the interest groups;
*Maintain daily connections with the members;
*Organize group activities.
Requirements: nature-lover; obsess with public welfare; strong ability in organizing; good affinity; good communication and presentation skills

4. Recruit Volunteers for GCB programs
A. Green Community Project
Green Community is intent to raise environmental consciousness of community residents through environment education, propaganda and proposition, participation in environment protect activities; to advocate an environment-friendly and civilized life style bit by bit for constructing a community of green, civility and harmony. Presently GCB has carried out Green Community Project in Mingren Huayuan, Qilihe District. The main programs including environment education in kindergarten of Mingren Huayuan, Green Community posters making, kitchen waste compost experiment and publicizing activities for environment protection.

a. Recruit Volunteers for publicity art designing
Work Time: Free
Workplace: GCB office, Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Responsible for the content, design and drawing of the green show window monthly in green community;
*Assist the drawing of other posters
Requirements: Basis in art; time-abundant; familiar with drawing software

b. Recruit Volunteers for Preschool Environment Education
Work Time: Friday afternoons
Workplace: Kindergarten of Mingren Huayuan, Qilihe District in Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Participate in the design of teaching plans for environment education in kindergarten;
*Practice preschool environment education;
*Assure prompt teaching feedback
Requirements: Experience in environment education; time-abundant; devoting to preschool education; good communication and presentation skills

B. Gansu Water Environment Project
GCB focuses on drinking water safety of Liangjiawan communities in Xigu District, Lanzhou, Gansu. Under coordination of all interests, new drinking water intake point will be built for the village. It is estimated that clear drinking water would be available since August of this year. Meanwhile GCB is planning a long-term environment education in the village primary school for promoting the environmental consciousness of the students and neighborhoods.

a. Recruit Volunteers for Environment Education in Liangjiawan Village Primary School (Xigu District, Lanzhou, Gansu)
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Liangjiawan Village Primary School, Xigu District, Lanzhou, Gansu
Job Description: *Participate in the design and arrangement of teaching plan for environment education;
*Operate the environment education;
*Report back education situation regularly and attend informal discussion for feedback, etc.
Requirements: Interested in environment education; time-abundant

b. Recruit 5 City Water Environment Surveyors
Work Time: Free
Workplace: Lanzhou, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Assure the public participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment of the ongoing Gansu Water Environment Project;
*Participate in the survey and summarize report of paroxysmal environment events;
*Coordinate the preparatory of Lanzhou water environment informal discussions, etc.
Requirements: Environmental specialties or related experience; time-abundant

C. Gansu Earthquake Area Ecological Architecture and Rural Development Project
Three provinces, Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi were greatly affected by May 12 8.0 magnitude earthquake and Wen County was the most affected area in Gansu province, with 111 people were killed, 1394 people were injuries and 0.23 million of the total 0.25 million populations suffered. The massive earthquake also caused serious damage in basic facilities, as 0.54 million houses were damaged and more than 90% of the county houses were destroyed or became dangerous buildings. GCB is providing support in reconstruction work for the victims. Eco-architectures like straw-bale houses, light-steel houses and water-free toilets were popularized in Zhongmiao Township of Wen County by GCB. The project was not only largely saved construction cost, released depression in reconstruction and recovery production but also protected the local eco-environment and promoted the sustainable development of the community. Volunteers from all social classes are welcomed to join in the post-quake reconstruction work in target areas.

a. Recruit 1 or 2 Ecological Architecture Coordinators
Work Time: Each continuous volunteer serving should no less than a month
Workplace: Chayuan Village & Yujiawan Village of Zhongmiao Township in Wen County, Longnan City, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Provide assistance to the construction of straw-bale houses, light-steel houses, water-free toilets or other permanent earthquake-resisting eco-architectures for target rural households;
*Solve constructive problems by communicating/discussing with experts;
*Direct practice for target households;
*Lecture basic knowledge in building eco-architectures for rural households and attempt into organizing local construction team;
*Generalize eco-architectures and direct the construction in other areas after finishing target area eco-architecture construction
*Concern about rural development in quake-hit zones;
*Able to bear hardships and long-term service in rural areas
*Good interpersonal and communication skills and team player
*Approval the ideas of eco-architecture (straw-bale, light-steel, water-free toilet, etc.);
*Architecture major or experience in relevant fields.

b. Recruit 1 or 2 Rural Development Coordinators
Work Time: Each continuous volunteer serving should no less than half a month
Workplace: Chayuan Village & Yujiawan Village of Zhongmiao Township in Wen County, Longnan City, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Investigate the community structure and livelihood in target areas and problems that residents facing in post-quake reconstruction;
*Organize village group meetings, coordinate all interests in the community, and discuss details in program practicing and resource distribution in free talk;
*Explore rebuild schemes, ways of sustainable development such as ecotourism, eco-agriculture together with the villages;
*Promote other community cultural and educational activities.
*Concern about rural development in quake-hit zones;
*Able to bear hardships and long-term service in rural areas;
*Good interpersonal and communication skills and team player;
*Experience in social work and rural basic level work

D. Eco-agriculture and Cooperative Development Project
This project is planning to operate a sunflower planting-based eco-agriculture in Huining County of Gansu Province. The project will based on farm cooperatives, unifying improved varieties purchasing, technological supporting, recycling, processing and selling; creating a perfect social enterprise running mode of “NGO to cooperative to household”; realizing the cooperation and mutual help between farmers through ability building campaigns; taking full advantage of crop characteristics and eco-agriculture technology to dwindle land salinization and decrease the pollution of soil and crops; and directing households the scientific and reasonable use of sunflower heads as feed, stalk as biogas source to develop a clear energy in rural area.

Recruit 2 Project Coordinators
Work Time: Each continuous volunteer serving should no less than a month
Workplace: Chaimen Township, Huining County, Gansu Prov.
Job Description: *Participate in the local agricultural activities, such as sunflower-planting etc.
*Organize special cooperative for sunflowers to enhance variety improvement and unified purchase and sale;
*Advance market-oriented operation for agricultural products such as sunflowers, help peasants making more profit through agricultural management;
*Promote other community cultural and educational activities.
*Knowledge in rural condition; obsess with public welfare; able to bear hardship in rural work;
*Approval the ideas of eco-agriculture, fair trade, etc.
*Experience in one or several following fields: Agricultural Planting; Farm Cooperative; Marketing; Urban Supporting Agriculture; Community College; Cooperative Law (basic knowledge is approved)
*Experience in social work and rural basic level work

Rewards for Volunteer Service:
*Access to the election of the Volunteer of the Year if your service time accumulated to as been requested;
*Chance to attend in relevant learning and training activities hold by GCB;
*Accommodations will be covered and a reasonable allowance will be offered during your service by Projects if you are not serving in Lanzhou.

Please send your resume with the post you applied to zhaoz@gcbcn.org
Contact Person: Zhao Zhong
TEL: +86-13919244430